Why We Love Customer Feedback

on August 21, 2014 at 11:12AM

Maponics Customer SupportIncorrect boundaries can have a negative impact on many applications.

Perhaps a home is assigned to the wrong school on a real estate website, driving down the property value. Maybe an incorrect neighborhood name is generating confusion for home buyers, policy makers, or town residents. Perhaps a boundary is mistakenly left out of a particular location, excluding it from a geofence application. Excluding a parking lot that should be associated with a shopping center, for example, has the potential to reduce the effectiveness of mobile messaging.

These are just a few of the reasons we value and encourage your comments. Through the feedback our customers and end users provide, we are able to improve our overall offering by:

  • Making corrections to boundary data
  • Offering a more personalized experience to our customers
  • Providing real product insight and use case examples
  • Refining our products and offerings based on market needs
  • Addressing and meeting our customers’ ongoing needs

Here’s a real example of how an incorrect school assigned to a property can have a negative implication.


An end user trying to sell their home notifies Maponics that the wrong school has been assigned to their house on a real estate search portal. Because the incorrectly assigned school may have a lower rating than the correct school, the end user may be looking at a loss in property value. The consumer has reached out to the portal and, because Maponics supplies their School Boundaries™, the portal has referred the end user to us.

Real Example

The property owner of 1016 East Camino Real Avenue in Arcadia, CA, says that real estate portals are incorrectly assigning Santa Fe Middle School and Monrovia High School to this house. The correct schools should be Dana Middle and Arcadia High.


To remedy this problem, Maponics customer support researched the address, assigning a latitude and longitude and determining its school attendance zone. We found that for 1016 East Camino Real Ave., we needed to adjust a slanting school attendance zone boundary (see figure below). When researching how we made the error in the first place, we found that the original resource was of poor quality, making it difficult to ascertain just where the boundary fell.

Maponics customer support

After confirming the edit against local school district resources such as maps and address lists, we proceeded with the update. We also got in touch with the Web portal to ensure that the edit was reflected on the consumer-facing platform.

Get in Touch

Maponics values your feedback and is committed to providing you the best products and services. Product corrections that are generated through customer feedback are made immediately and reach our customers at the next quarterly release so that our customers have access to the freshest data possible for their applications.

To share your feedback, please contact the Maponics customer support team at customersupport@maponics.com, or call 1-800-762-5158.

Is Your Mobile Marketing Ready for Back to School?

on August 19, 2014 at 9:16AM

Back-to-school season can be a bonanza for marketers, especially when they’re targeting college students. These young adults fall within a narrow demographic, and they have particular, well-documented spending habits.

As marketers and advertisers shift budgets from traditional channels to mobile apps with high traffic, companies that offer attractive mobile solutions are set up to benefit greatly. When they pair demographics with contextual, location-based data – in this case, the college campus boundary – mobile marketers and advertisers have a unique opportunity to stand out by sending relevant, real-time messaging to this sought-after population.

Maponics Social PlacesCollege Students: A Mobile Marketing “Sweet Spot”

College students make a fruitful target for mobile marketers. Here’s why:

  • Those attending college are especially likely to use a mobile device: they spend between 45 minutes and 3.6 hours a day on either their smartphone (70%) or tablet (36%). (Source)
  • College students buy impressive amounts of school supplies, clothes, and electronics, spending $417 billion annually. 21% of those purchases are made online. (Source)
  • These students are budget conscious, which means they respond well to discounts and coupons. (Source)
  • Perhaps more than any other population, college students gather in a particular location – a campus – on a highly regular basis, making it easier for mobile marketers to craft compelling, relevant messaging and connect in real time.

Maponics Social Places Features College Campus Boundaries

Maponics Social Places™ enables mobile marketers to reach audiences where they live, work, play, and travel. Our predefined geofences cover the entire destination, including parking lots, and exclude nearby locations such as residences and other business. This helps marketers reach consumers as they enter a shopping area or college campus, and ensures that they omit potential buyers who are actually at a house across the street or otherwise outside the destination.

The College Campus layer within Maponics Social Places provides geofences for 4-year colleges with enrollment over 2,000 students and 2-year colleges with enrollment over 10,000 students across the US and Canada.

Maponics Social Places - college campus layer

In addition to the boundary outlining the primary campus areas, Maponics College Campus geofences include the type of college (2-yr, 4-yr, private, or public) and the IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary and Education Data System) ID.

Customers who license Maponics College Campus geofences can identify when this important demographic is on or off campus. This means they can:

  • send targeted promotions, discounts, and other offers to students based on their location
  • track and analyze the engagement rate of students as they travel to and from campus

Mobile marketing and advertising using geofences lead to click-through rates 10x higher than standard email. The benefit of this type of localized intelligence can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

If you think your mobile marketing strategy can benefit from Maponics College Campus geofences, contact us today.