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Analyzing Restaurant and Nightlife Data with Context Dining & Nightlife Scores

on April 15, 2014 at 10:51AM

Maponics has released its newest addition to the Context™ product suite: Dining & Nightlife Scores.

This dataset provides a snapshot of how easy it is to reach restaurants, bars and clubs within a Maponics boundary, such as a neighborhood.

Maponics has done all the “heavy lifting” of calculating all the possible driving routes to five types of dining and nightlife points of interest (POIs):
restaurant and nightlife data

  • Fine Dining
  • Family Dining
  • Fast Food
  • Bars
  • Clubs

How Dining & Nightlife Scores Works

To generate Dining & Nightlife Scores, Maponics analyzed national POI data for restaurants, nightclubs and bars and mapped them onto a street network, deriving dozens of various routes a driver could take to reach these POIs.

Each score represents accessibility to POIs by driving from an origin point within a boundary. Scores range from 0.0 to 5.0 – with 5.0 being the highest, most accessible score.

Scores were calculated by:

  • finding population densities within each boundary and then deriving origin points for route calculations within them,
  • looking at all available POIs within a maximum distance of 15 minutes’ driving time from those origin points and
  • taking into account the effect of the road types, road classifications and speed limits.

Once scores were calculated for every boundary, we created a national score – so a score of 4.5 in New York City equals a 4.5 for San Francisco.

restaurant and lifestyle data

Mynt Lounge, a nightclub in Miami Beach, Florida. At 4.1, the City Center neighborhood, where Mynt Lounge is located, has a high Clubs Score. Image source: South Beach Magazine

Who Can Use Dining & Nightlife Scores

Dining & Nightlife Scores helps consumers understand which neighborhoods have the most access to restaurants, bars and clubs, suggesting the best places to look for a property if they’re looking for a vibrant home base.

Dining & Nightlife Scores is also helpful for investors: Studies show that properties that are closer to POIs, such as restaurants, often hold their value more successfully than those farther from POIs, making those properties a potentially more sound investment.

restaurant and nightlife data

Pearl Restaurant and Champagne lounge in the South Point neighborhood of Miami Beach, Florida. Also known as South Beach, this energetic neighborhood boasts a 4.1 Fine Dining Score. Image source: South Beach Magazine

Dining & Nightlife – Valuable Addition to Context Product Family

When combined with Context Demographics, Context PRIZM, Context Walkability™ and the other datasets within the Context suite, Dining & Nightlife is a valuable tool that helps the real estate industry, social media applications, direct marketing firms and many others leverage the benefits of highly granular, descriptive data.

“Dining & Nightlife is one more component in building a comprehensive picture of what is happening in a particular area,” said Mike Villarreal, Maponics Context Product Manager. “It gives the true ‘flavor’ of a neighborhood.”

To learn more about Context Dining & Nightlife Scores, get in touch.

Matt Barnum Joins Maponics As Vice President of Operations

on April 3, 2014 at 1:27PM

Maponics has announced Matt Barnum as the new Vice President of Operations.

Matt joins the company from TomTom, where he was the Director of the Location Based Service Product Unit. Matt held several other operational management roles at TomTom and led a series of large-scale projects delivering valuable spatial content for government and B2B customers. Prior to his eight years at TomTom, Matt was Manager of Client Solutions at McGraw-Hill Construction Research & Analytics. Matt received a degree in economics, with a concentration in computer science, from Boston College.

Matt reports that he’s excited to join a dynamic company with a strong customer focus that has demonstrated consistent growth and can take immediate action on quick decisions. Matt is also pleased to be continuing his work in analytics as well as GIS and mapping: “I’ve always been very interested in maps and mapping, and this position brings that together with my interest in statistics and geo-analytics,” Matt explains.

Dan Adams, Maponics’ CEO, says that Matt’s hiring rounds out the company’s leadership team, which now consists of Adams, VP of Sales & Business Development Mark Friend, VP of Marketing & Product Paul Gallagher, and Barnum. Adams comments:

“Matt joins Maponics at a time when strong operational oversight is critical. We are delighted that a business professional with deep process and operational experience in the areas of GIS and statistical analysis has come onboard.”

Adams says that the recent changes to the management team, including his promotion from COO to CEO, reflect the growth instigated by the introduction of Context™, the market’s first suite of lifestyle and behavior analytics. “I’m confident that we have the best possible team in place to continue to meet the needs of our customers,” adds Adams.

Welcome Matt!